Step 1

Create New

Use our fast and scalable API to add users to it and let them set their notification preferences.

Step 2

Subscribe Users to

Topics are used to let users declare interest for something. A topic can be a project, task, product or product category, an article or a news category. Users can also customize their notification preferences per topic.

Step 3

Send events to topics

Send events to topics whenever something changes: This can be a task that gets completed or a price decrease for a product. Users that subscribe to this topic will be notified based on their preferences.

Everything you're
looking for

It’s never been easier to connect with customers.

Scheduled Publishing

Send your notifications on a specified time.

Intelligent Aggregation

Depending on the notification channel, notification get aggregated so that your customers do not get spammed.

No Spamming

Notifications will only be sent when they have no been read yet.

Easy Setup

We handle all challenges for you, there is no need to setup work queues and server systems.

Detailed Reporting

View delivery information for every message.

Flexible Pricing

Pay based on the number of notifications sent without extra or upfront costs.

All Communication

Let your customers decide how they want to be notified


Send out notifications via email and design them with an integrated template editor.


Pull notifications from the API to show them in your user interface.

Web Push

Use push notifications to modern browsers like Firefox and chrome.


Mobile Push

Forward your notifications to iOS and Android devices.

Coming Soon


Use modern messaging solutions like WhatsApp.

Coming Soon


Send urgent messages via SMS when they have not been received via other channels.